Remembering back when I didn't know the difference between a Megabyte (MB) and a Gigabyte (GB) and then learning of a Terabyte (TB)

I'm on a Laptop that is about 10 years old, and hits me with the blue screen of death on a regular basis, and the CD/DVD drive is shot.

We've been dreaming of getting a new one from Sam's Club, Best Buy, etc... and recently found a pretty good deal for $418.00 + tax.

A good friend just showed me something I hadn't thought of............




Darlene and I could both be on the internet, at the same time, and both for about $230.00 ($30.00 standard shipping)

We may not be able to grab these 2 Laptops, but these deals are fairly common, and would allow us to accomplish so much more with two of us working on our websites, chat room, articles, etc...

I'd love it if Darlene could chronicle her own experience in moving from a die hard dyed in the wool Futurist Fundie, to a full fledged believer in Fulfilled Eschatology.

I know 2 of us working on these things will produce better results because Darlene is my other half; she's the nice, kind, sweet, loving, hugable, giving, selfless, ok, that's enough............... She really does complete me, and a lot of it is because I'm her opposite; we balance each other out pretty good.

She's taught me how to have a heart for others, and I've taught her not to be fooled by every slick talking snake oil salesmen.

Can you help us get a couple of decent Laptops so we can finally get back to a more organized effort?

Yes, what we're asking for is a lot, but we trust those that know us believe we'll do everything we can to earn and keep your trust in our efforts. We're good people and we're not here to step on anyone else.

We will announce here and in Facebook once we've achieved enough donations to secure these; or 2 other computers..................


Donation totals will appear here!



Minus the PayPal fees, we're exactly $15.00 short from our goal!


10:35 PM E.S.T. 02/21/2013

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