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Michael Miano's "Freaked out by the New Covenant"

Freaked - Out by the New Covenant is an inspiring book, and it's one that drills down into you and resonates emotionally. Its story is not just about another person finding Jesus while behind bars. Instead we find the personal adventure in faith of a young man going far beyond Bible thumping rhetoric. - Allyn Morton

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Tina Rae Collins "The Gathering in the Last Days"

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In the wake of failed prophecies about the "end times," many are weary of being warned that the Lord is coming soon, only to be disappointed when He does not arrive. This book gives a biblical answer to when Jesus declared that He would return to gather His people to Himself. Jesus left nothing to ponder; He was clear about which generation would behold His presence.
While some search the Old Testament in an effort to determine what was to happen during the prophet Daniel's seventy weeks, others look to Revelation and attempt to decipher the number of the beast or guess about what his mark is. These are good endeavors, but the Lord and His apostles were straightforward in their language about the timing of the end.
If you want honest, scriptural answers to your questions about the gathering of God's people, beginning in Genesis and going through Revelation, take a look inside this book. You will not be left wanting, but be forewarned: your entire eschatological view may be turned upside down.


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A Commentary on the New Testament Epistle Commonly Called "Hebrews." It has become this author's conviction that The Epistle to the Hebrews is the single most important piece of New Testament literature relative to an accurate understanding of biblical eschatology (end-times) and soteriology (salvation). As long as the foundational theological information in this treatise is misunderstood, misapplied, and mistaught (long before interpreting The Book of Revelation is ever attempted), God's people—we—will not enjoy the contentment that our Lord intended for us to experience. Hence my prayer is that all who open this book will also open their minds to the approach employed that they, like the Acts 17:11 Bereans, may also be commended by their God for displaying such a life-changing attitude.
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