Upon the arrival of the New Heaven/New Earth in Revelation 21, it is said there will be no more death, yet Isaiah 65:20 says there will be sinning and death; do you know how to reconcile these (seeming) contradictory statements?


If not, then you’re probably still waiting for some NEW/REFURBISHED planet where everything is in a Utopian state!


This is what false Eschatology has created in the minds of many, even before a Jesus/Yeshua THE Christ of Nazareth was born!


That same chapter of Revelation that mentions this New Heaven/New Earth, also mentions New Jerusalem descending down out of Heaven; if this has NOT occurred yet, please tell us how you then spiritualize Hebrews 12:22 which says people in the 1st century had ALREADY COME to the Heavenly/Holy/New Jerusalem!


Don’t forget; Preterists are the ones often accused of over-spiritualizing texts!

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