Without allowing yourself to get caught up in the “right or wrong” of Fulfilled Eschatology, understand it is the belief that all earthly realm “End Time” events have taken place in the generation living in the 1st century, even though your interpretation and expectation may be different.

In order to appreciate this information, one must not allow their Eschatological differences to detract from the overall message of understanding the connection to the E.L.I.T.E. and their plans, purposes, and agendas for mankind.

Fulfilled Eschatology is part of a much bigger picture, and is secondary in that in many ways; the Divide and Conquer (Controlled Opposition) Class Warfare mechanism and machinations of the E.L.I.T.E. need to be stopped, and at all costs.

This isn’t about some mythical 99% against some fictitious 1%; truth be told, the Oligarchy of this E.L.I.T.E. are less than 10% of 1% of that fictitious 1%; but that doesn’t mean everyone else is against them.  


No more E.L.I.T.E. (Egocentric Leaches Implementing Tyrannical Edicts) is a new joint effort for those who have a message for mankind; and a message whose time is long overdue!

Why do we elect, appoint, and tolerate such an entity on this earth?

There are more of us that there are of them!

We have the power; and forces, to stop this Oligarchy!

  • If I desired to be a Dictator, or a part of an Oligarchy?

  • If I desired to appoint my Enforcers?

  • If I desired to manage Slaves/Serfs?

  • If I desired to have anyone I wish, assassinated?

  • If I desired to control all raw minerals?

  • If I desired to poison your food and water sources?

  • If I wish to sell and transport illegal drugs all over the world?

  • If I desired to engage in human trafficking, and sex slavery of children and adults?

  • If I desired to bomb countries into submission, and even while killing millions of people?

  • If I desired to control all sources of Media?

  • If I desired to control religion?

  • If I desired to determine who would work, and where each would work; while determining all wages, benefits, and hours?

  • If I desired to monitor the movements of every Slave/Serf?

  • If I desired to determine how much money each could earn?

  • If I could arrest/kidnap, incarcerate, torture, poison, or even kill anyone I wanted to?

  • If I desired to control all industries?

  • If I desired to force you children into servitude?

  • If I desired to control your healthcare availability/cost/coverage and/or other Benefits?

  • If I desired to control/limit/regulate your success/failure?

  • If I desired to control all possible means of electronic communication?

  • If I could determine what is taught in the classrooms?

  • If I desired to seize any/all homes, property, finances, agriculture, highways and byways, rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, streams, creeks?

  • If I desired to seize control of all vehicles and their fuel sources?

  • If I desired to pass continuous demands (Laws)?

Would you elect, appoint, and/or recognize me as your Representative, Senator, Congress/Parliament-member, King, Pastor, Prince, President, or Prime Minister?

Would you swear an oath of allegiance to me?

The E.L.I.T.E. believes the following, because they want the world as their Country Club; and if you’re allowed to live, you will serve them in some capacity.

“We are the Chosen Ones”

You want to live here? You want to work here, or you want to succeed here? Pay the protection money (Taxes) and comply with our demands (Laws) and we’ll get along just fine; step out of line and there will be consequences!

The Falsified Eschatology (End Times) of death, destruction, a physical savior, and a Utopia on earth at the end, is nothing more than a Blueprint crafted from and into written works referred to as “Holy Books” and all such work has been altered/manipulated over time, to control man, to keep him in fear, and to perpetuate the largest hoax mankind has ever witnessed. 

It’s time to rid mankind of this E.L.I.T.E. and their mentality of supremacy!

We’re all here; we’re all in this together, we all play a part, and we all have a voice!

It’s time to stand up, speak up, and never give up!

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