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No private interpretation of scripture?

When explaining what you believe certain words, phrases, or scriptures mean, have you ever had anyone say “You’re adding private interpretation and scripture says you can’t do that”? And they may even throw 2nd Peter 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation to you?
Just remind this person that what that scripture is saying is that no PROPHECY in scripture CAME to the writers BY private interpretation.

  • If we do not interpret scripture, how many Christians are eating the ACTUAL FLESH and drinking the ACTUAL BLOOD of Christ when they take communion? Was Pharaoh a REAL dragon?
  • If we don’t interpret, we’re going to have some real problems.
  • Do you think REAL living water came out of the bellies of the 1st century disciples?
  • It’s just another deflective excuse people have been trained to use when confronted with interpretations alternative to their own.
  • The misapplication of 2nd Peter 1:20 means that you’re not allowed to think for yourself, and can only repeat what you’ve been told a particular word, phrase, or scripture means.
  • Isn’t that being indoctrinated by others? Who did they get their interpretation from? And who did they get theirs from? and on and on and on…………….

Think for yourselves………..Study for yourselves………….Ask God to show you what’s right and what’s wrong……………..Stop listening to TEACHERS, without verifying the information for yourselves……

And don’t EVER take my word for ANYTHING in scripture without checking it out for yourselves.

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