Rights given by God are inalienable, whereas Rights given by man are incrementally changed until they cease to exist.

Special Rights are a divisive tool of the Elite; used in the Divide and Conquer method of continually feeding Class, Religious and/or Racial Wars.

These techniques have been some of the tools of building up and tearing down societies for thousands of years.

Every generation witnesses the continued concentration of wealth and power into the hands of the Elite, but there are fractures, splinter groups, expendable pawns, and internal wars within this Elite as well.

They can not tolerate a free-thinking people, and they certainly can not control a people united.

The Elite consists of many individuals, but in itself, is a mirrored reality. The ever existent battle between good and evil will always plague mankind; and within this Elite, we witness both the light and dark side of an Illuminati, or Shadow Government.

To deny the existence of such an entity is to not know history!

This Elite must be defused at every interval where it touches societies.

We must fight back every time we see their Divide and Conquer tactics being implemented. We must unite around the ideals of individual sovereignty, freedoms, liberties, and responsibilities.

We are our brother’s keeper, to the extent of self-governance; and it is to this objective, where common law tells us if there is no victim, then there is no crime to punish or pursue.

As long as we feed off of divisiveness issues such as race/color/creed/ethnicity/religion/sex/sexual preference, etc… we’re not paying attention to what this Elite is doing, and this is when they are at their strongest.

We are inundated daily with world news, and manufactured distraction. The Mainstream Media is nothing short of the Propaganda machine of the Government: Radio, TV, Movies, Stage, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Art, Internet; these are among the primary tools used in programming a society, and its citizens.

Employment and Education are also necessary tools for distraction, but also for programming the masses; and Religion must be seen as an extremely vital tool to, and for, control of the religious masses.

Society watches the perpetual game called “The Rise and Fall of Nations” and the Elite’s continued reliance on War; be it religious, class, race, or spreading Democracy.

Both sides of this Elite promise eventual world peace, but the Dark Illuminati can not survive in a peaceful atmosphere; thus their continued reliance on warring techniques.

This is also known as Political, or Rothschild Zionism; and while some Israelites may be involved, this is about something much bigger than Hebrew, Jew, or Israelite anything.

It’s time to set down our sectarian swords of separation, and turn and face the true enemy of mankind; his self. 


A worldwide population of 7.1 billion people produces a 1% fraction of 71 million people; within the world of the world Elite, there are not 71 million players.

Forbe’s puts out different lists of the richest people on the planet; Bill Gates recently emerged again in 2nd place. 70+/- billion dollars; yet neither Mr. Gates himself, nor even the #1 guy, are in the upper levels of this world Elite.

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner, the Koch Brothers, Mayor Bloomberg, etc… these people are mere facilitators; actors on a stage, performing as their directives demand. The top 10 people on this list, with all their income combined, wouldn’t come close to the actual fortune owned by the world Elite.

Kings, Presidents, Popes, Prime Ministers, etc… are puppets themselves; those in these positions of massive wealth, and massive powers of control and influence, are nothing less than willing participants; while enjoying enormous rewards and benefits for the positions of power they wield, are still under the directions and directives of others. 

The World is a Chess Board; the black and white alternating squares (Checkerboard pattern) represent the powers of good and evil (The Illuminati) and there are two sides in our Shadow Government! 


A Pawn by itself, has no real power, but moved effectively, can render a checkmate!

It’s time to wake up!

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