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Why doesn't the present New Heaven/New Earth feel new?

A friend recently posited this question, below is the answer I offer to anyone asking the same.


I can only imagine it doesn't feel new because we never had to exist under the Old System. The Institutional Church/Institutional Religion (IC/IR) has done their best to recreate this system of bondage, and to bring people under its promises of punishments for non-compliance, and promises of rewards for obedience and adherence.


Organized Religion is a furthered mastery of Secular Governments, because while the Secular Powers can only offer these promises of punishment and reward to temporal beings in finite earthly bodies, religion has the added benefit of continuing such promises of punishment and reward beyond our earthly death.


For those who have managed to escape the recreated system of bondage (IC/IR) and now walk in the peace, joy, and liberty that comes with such escape, they/we are experiencing and enjoying that newness that is but a reflection of what those 1st century individuals no doubt experienced and enjoyed once they realized they had actually been set free from such a system of bondage.


He whom the son sets free is free indeed.

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