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What is the Bible about?

The primary theme running consistently throughout the Old Testament is the same as in the New; this primary theme is given in the form of a parable.


What is a parable?


A parable is a story that requires the use of metaphorical/symbolic language, and takes things of the physical/temporal realm, and uses them to point out that which is spiritual/eternal.


A surface reading of scripture introduces mankind to a God whom they believe teaches them that they can become eternal and enjoy an eternal existence with this God, so long as they accomplish enough works and live an overall temporal existence on the earth as one who is worthy and/or deserving of such a tremendous reward.


The surface (TYPE) story is primarily about race/genealogy/ancestry/lineage and bloodline, but does extend this performance based salvation/eternal life onto proselytes who likewise meet all: requirements, exclusions, limitations, restrictions, conditions, rules, regulations and laws (BONDAGE) but subsequently dies, and returns to dust from which it came, and was made from.


This surface story is about the external/carnal man.


The essence (ANTI-TYPE) story is exclusively about the only begotten son/child of God: that which is born again, born from above, does not sin, can't, overcomes the world, is not harmed of the 2nd death, and returns to the Father upon the death of the physical body it gives life to.


The essence is about the inner/spiritual man; the Christ in you that is the life giving spirit, and begotten of God, for God is spirit.


If one consistently follows the scriptures to their intended primary message, they will not stall on the surface story, believing it is about THE FLESH and all that it can do, but will realize the essence, which is entirely about THE SPIRIT, and all that it is.


The flesh man says "I think, therefore I am" but the spirit knows, and simply says "I AM"


What is the Bible about?


It is about the eternal life within, and not the flesh that life animates for a time that must end.


The surface story says it is about ME, and all that I can be, but the essence is that it is about YOU, and all that you are.


It's time to embrace your true identity of light and life, and cast off those works of darkness and death.

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