This article is under (C) Copyright 2013 by Jerry Wm Bowers Jr.

When it comes to Christianity, your focus is either on the carnal or spiritual; where’s your focus? When it comes to the Kingdom of God, are you within the gates of New Jerusalem, or outside its gates?


It’s no longer a matter of blindly following those we relinquish authority over to.


Futurists have no other choice than to merely repeat what they’ve been taught, because they’ve been taught that tradition is where the truth is.


A deep sense of satisfaction I feel is when I can finally get a Futurist to realize that it is not the Preterist that does the majority of spiritualizing of the Eschatological texts.


Futurist Eschatology CAN NOT be taught, held, or believed unless they spiritualize the Personal Pronouns, Audience Relevance, and Time Statements of the Eschatological text.


Without such a maligned attack on the integrity of the Biblical writers, and the inspiration they received from God through the Holy Spirit, and the direct teachings and Revelations they received from the mouth of their Lord, Savior, and Messiah; Fulfilled Eschatology is the only possible outcome.


Many such Eschatological texts were clearly awaiting a futurist fulfillment from those living in the 1st century generation, but there is not one shred of evidence that those items/events have yet to occur some 2,000+/- years later.


No less than the Authority and Integrity of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Inspired writer’s of Holy Scripture is at stake.


Futurist Eschatology does great damage to the texts by altering them in their majority to continually keep each successive generation in a state of partially induced fear based doom and gloom.


Fulfilled Eschatology is truly the view which walks by faith and not by sight, that looks to the things unseen, rather than that which is seen and temporal, that believes those in Christ have already overcome death, sorrow, pain, tears, and crying, that these same believers are seated in heavenly places, and have truly been translated into the kingdom of his dear son, that believes they are already a new creation in Christ, and no longer await a kingdom that comes with observation.


All while the Futurist walks by sight, trusts in the seen and temporal, still focuses on carnal death, sorrow, pain, tears, and crying,that they are temporarily helplessly in earthly places and an earthly kingdom, falsely believes they are a new creation, and continually await a heavenly kingdom that comes with observation. 


Why? Because every single argument they present against Fulfilled Eschatology is based on carnal eyesight, thinking, reasoning, and expectation.

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